Why is Giving Tithes Important?

Aug - 06 2015 | By

Why is Giving Tithes Important?What are the duties of a good Christian? It is to follow the Word of God, His commandments and show it in our everyday lives. One of God’s Commandments it to be a good steward of His blessings. However in this day and age that money is so tight and most of us are living on credit is giving tithes still important? Wouldn’t God understand what you are going through? Why should we still give up money when God is already full of riches?

Giving tithes is one of the Christian duties that we should still abide by even in this day and age. We must follow God’s Word to be a cheerful giver. Giving tithes is not just about giving money, it is about a commitment to God and our love for Him.

So why is giving tithes still important?

Our Love for God

When you love someone, you give him or her gifts. You try to show him or her how important of a person he or she is to you. This is the same with God. God wants us to honour Him and love Him by acknowledging our promise to Him. If you remember the woman who only had two coins who gave all of it to the synagogue you will see the reason why tithing is a show of love to God.

To Spread the Word of God

Being Christians, it is our duty to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the world. But this is not possible without money and funding. Preachers and missionaries need to travel in order for them to spread God’s Word. Their families back home also need to eat. Our church needs to grow and by using our tithes, we are able to help in this tasks’

Many people would come to argue that if God’s Word is powerful, we don’t need to spend money to spread it. But we do need to show our love for Him and that we are willing to work to spread the Good News.

Tithes Help the Poor

Our Church needs to assist poor people. Many people who are unable to eat and support themselves need the Church to give them shelter, sustenance and clothing. Our tithes becomes the Hand of God that helps those who are in need. We are able to help those who cannot afford to go to school, have a decent life and those who have no one to cling to. This is our duty to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is Our Investment for Heaven

In this current time, we are taught to save for the future. This is the same for heaven. We must put in our tithes for God sees it and uses this money to assist our brothers and sisters. This investment allows us to grow more in our relationship with God. It is like building a house in heaven. We must put in what is precious to us in order for it to grow.

For Us to Learn the Virtue of Sacrifice

Yes giving up something that you may use to buy your own food is difficult. But it frees our mind and allows us to trust God more. It gives us the courage to know that God would never abandon us. To sacrifice a bit of ourselves for God is truly wonderful. God teaches us that in order for us to live a true Christian life we must abandon this world and live for Heaven.

Tithing is still a val