Why God Gives Us Friends

May - 30 2016 | By

pinky-swear-329329_640I have have been blessed with a few true and good friends in my life. I have friends who left and moved on with their lives and I have friends who stayed with me for a very long time. I have friends who I know are just superficial but I also have friends who I know are God given.

God gives us friends because although He talks back to us, we can’t really hear His actual voice unless we open our ears through the bible and through church service. God gave us friends so that we know that we can walk through this life and find Him in his other creations.

God Sent Friends

Not all friends are from God, some are just passing by to test us or to teach us. But even though they are not meant to be friends, God sends them to us to learn lessons. Friends from God are those people who make you feel better, make you live better and because of them, you want to be better.

Friends who you need to help – God gives us the chance to be good Christians by allowing us to be with those people who are struggling with problems and troubles. Sometimes instead of just getting benefits from others, God gives us the opportunity to be His blessings to others. He sends us to the world to do His work. Part of this is helping those who are in need. This maybe in financial ways, emotional or spiritual means.

Friends who cheer you up – Sometimes you just need someone to lean on. Sometimes, you just need a friend who will love you despite all the pain you’ve suffered. Sometimes you just need a good laugh with someone who cares about you. For all these times, God sends us friends. These are the angels we have around us who cheer us and make us laugh so hard even though all we really want to do is cry.

Friends who motivate us – There are times that all you want to do is just to give us and stop working and even just veg out in you dirty pajamas. For those times we have friends who scold us and have us get up, take a shower and go to work. These are the friends who have big dreams and they also want you to do the same. These are the friends who you know are not just for drinking at bars with, but those who can mature with you. These are the friends who cheer you on when you get promoted and pat you on the back when you did not make it at work, but tell you “you can do it next time”.

Friends who bail you out in times of trouble – Sometimes we really just get so broke that we eat crackers for days. Sometimes we just need a little help to get back on track. There are many friends who will say no about bailing you out, but a true friend from God will help you when you really are so broke and out of money. I know that this is not always, specially if you put yourself in that situation, but God works on the hearts of the people around you. He will give you the chance to change. He will not abandon you and will send someone to give you a warm meal.

Childhood friends – These are the friends who you have had forever and every. They have been there through it all. They know you inside and out. God sends these precious people who be your ally through rain or shine. If you have a childhood friend, you are very lucky. If you have stayed connected from childhood to adulthood then treasure that friendship.

Why God Gives Us Friends

No man is an island. God made man to help one another. We are tasked to take care of our brothers and even love them as God has loved them. God gives friends to us so that we will never feel alone and so that life can be for colorful for us. God knows what our hearts need, so having friends is a blessing we should treasure.