How Watching ELLEN Made Me a Better Person

Jan - 14 2016 | By

How Watching ELLEN Made Me a Better PersonI don’t really watch TV that much these days. But when I do, I save a spot for Ellen. I’m not a sort of person who is a big fan of talk shows either. I just love Ellen DeGeneres. She inspires he me a lot. I won’t hide, I’m a big fan.

I grew up in a traditional Southern Christian family. We were taught values such as respect, kindness and to follow the Word of God at all cost. Homosexuality was viewed as something sinful. But growing up, I always thought that there was nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, straight, transgender or whatever kind of sexual preference a person has. I grew up in a family that at times made me feel sad or trapped.

How Ellen Changed My Life?

I can’t exactly remember when I started watching Ellen. But what I could remember is that how one day, I just found myself crying while watching her show. I can’t even remember exactly the reason why. For some reason. This lady who is so funny has made some small and big dreams come true. It hit me, dreams are dreams, whether big or small they are dreams. Dreams do matter.

I have taken into account many things that I have learned from watching Ellen. She is funny, she is real, she makes people happy. And she tries to make the world a whole better place without force or prejudice. And I realized, I want to also make difference. I want to help others.

Ellen is vegan and an animal rights advocate. Recently I have become one as well. I help homeless cats and feed them. She has inspired me a lot that I have also tried to help random strangers. And this has nothing to do with my religion. I mean I know that God has taught us to follow his words and help others. But I wanted to be a genuinely good person not because I’m afraid of going to hell, I wanted to help because it is the humane thing to do.

We Can ALL Be Beacons of Change

I know people around me think that it’s just a dumb show. But it’s not. I took it as an inspiration I took it in and made it a grain of wisdom that propelled my life. And every time I see this show it continues to inspire me. I know that each and everyone of us can make so much difference. Like the way Ellen rewards people who help others.

I want to start a movement. A movement where people still show kindness to others. A movement where people do not judge others. This was one of the reasons I started this site. In my Christian world, many people judge one another. They think that they are so perfect and that others are so sinful. They think other people don’t matter and only God matters. But I say God made each and every being and that they all matter.

I know that even young children can do good things for others. I know that kindness and acceptance can eradicate war. Sometimes I sit at home scared of how the world is now full of war and hate and that I may die because of it. But I come to realize that even if I die, I will live on in the lives of the people, cats, dogs and other beings that I have touched. I realized that others can be kind and softhearted too.

So yes, this may not be much of a story. I wasn’t even sure whether to post it here or not, but I realized that I should. I realized a little inspiration can go a long way. Thanks Ellen DeGeneres, You are a Light Worker!