How to Teach Your Children About God?

Feb - 27 2017 | By

How did you learn about God? When you were a child did your mom or dad teach you about Jesus, the Creation and God? Or did you learn about God in school? How did you begin you relationship with God?

Teaching your children about God is one of the greatest missions you’ll ever take on as a Christian. Whether you have children now or planning to have children in the future, you have to know how to teach your children about God and His Love.

Building Blocks of Christianity

I grew up in a Christian house hold. I grew up seeing the Bible in several rooms of our house. We had children’s Bible books and Christian stories. I knew about God from day one. And even as I grew up and tended to wander off the Christian path, the Christian upbringing kept me staying and going back to the call of God.

In order to teach your children about God, you must first build the building blocks of Christianity in their hearts. You need to teach them that God = Love. Because once they learn about the true love of God then they can build from there.

1. Relationship Goals – You need to create a place in your child’s heart where he or she can start a real relationship with God. Don’t make God as some distant deity who gets angry at them when they do something good. Allow them to see God as a friend, a brother and a parent.

2. Teach them how to pray – A child that prays is a child who knows God. Allow your child to lead the prayer. Teach them the real meaning of prayer. Teach them that prayer should be a conversation between them and God.

3. Let them see that Christianity is fun – Sunday school can be a good way for them to interact with other kids and thus they enjoy the time they spend hearing the Word of God. Play Christian music. Let them see that Christianity is not something that restricts them but allows them to be free and happy.

4. Make them see God in others – Children tend to be selfish at times. They want to get things they like. But when they are good Christians, they tend to help others more. You need to show them that the Love of God is for all; rich or poor, young or old.

They need to be able to relate to others as helpful kind individuals. They can do this by learning that by helping others, they are actually serving God.

How Do You Teach Your Children About God?

When your child asks you who is God, how do you answer?

Do you tell him about God’s Love? Do you tell him how He sent His Son?

Does he understand you?

1. Relate the story of God to real life situations – Sometimes, children may not be able to comprehend how great God’s Love is. But if you let them FEEL it, they would understand. If you allow them to see what it really means to be Loved by God. You can use examples such as the things you do for them. And then ask them in turn about things in day to day life that shows God’s Love.

2. Teach them how to read the Bible – Children may not be so keen on reading the small text in the Bible but they would love colorful Children’s Bible and Bible stories. They will love to hear short stories from the Bible such as about Joseph, Moses, how Jesus fed the 5000 people crowd, how he calmed the sea. One very popular story is the story of Noah.

3. Make time for prayer – Even in busy days, you need to spend time with your children to pray. You need to pray in the morning. It does not matter if you have to do it in the car, you have to do it. You need to pray before going to bed. Prayer is the most important lesson you can teach your child in his path of knowing God.

4. Teach your children about tithing – Your children need to learn how to give. God blesses a cheerful giver, so this is a very important lesson.

Teaching your children about God is your duty as a parent and as Christian. You should never make them feel that God oppresses them, but instead you need to teach them how God loves them like a parent loves His own child.