How to Pray Everyday

Sep - 15 2021 | By

Prayer is a way to talk to God. It allows us to tell me Him how sorry we are for our sins and ask Him for His blessings. We can even just talk to God and treat him like a friend or a close big brother who would listen to our problems and tell us what to do.

In order to be good Christians and to have a good relationship with God, we need to communicate with Him constantly. Prayer not only gives us the chance to build on our relationship with God it also allows us to heal our spiritual wounds. Also, it gives an outlet to let go of all the pain and suffering we feel.

How Should We Pray

Theoretically, we should pray as much as five times a day. One for each morning we wake up. Then we should pray at every meal. And at night we need to pray as we sleep. This allows us to thank God that we are given the gift of life in the morning and that we are able to wake up again. The prayer before meals allows us to thank God for giving us graces so that we can eat and also to bless the food that we are about to it in order for it to nourish and even heal us. At night we pray to ask God to forgive us for our sins throughout the day and be able to lie down in bed with peace in our hearts.

Morning Prayers

In the morning, when we first wake up, we might feel sleepy or we might feel really energized. We might have slept terribly and still feel tired and grumpy and don’t want to get out of bed. However, we may also feel really good and rested. Each day we get up, is a new chance to live life well and make our lives great and be happy. And so what do we do in order to make our days filled with goodness, love and kindness, we talk to God.

1.Thank God

Thank God for the gift of new life and a new chance to live. Thank God for giving you the chance to live again another day and thank Him for blessing you with rest and also helping you wake up.

2. Affirmations

Connect with God and claim His gifts. Say that your beautiful. Say that you are healthy and happy. Say that you are blessed both financially and spiritually.

3. Ask God for Guidance.

Ask God to bless you with a good heart and make you more like Him. Ask him to guide your hands as you work and create. Ask God for kindness in dealing with difficult people. Ask him for His infinite love and wisdom

4. Offer Him You Day

Offer God your day. Give him whatever you face. Ask him to be by your side every step of the way as the day unfolds.

Prayer Before Meals

Praying before meals allows God to bless your food. Also, you are able to thank him for the food that he has given you.

Thank the Lord for the food and ask him to bless it so that it heals you and makes you grow. Ask Him to make the food help you think better and feel better.

Prayer at Night

Night-time prayers are the most intimate prayers of all. It allows you to unload your heart to God and give all your pains and feelings. It also allows you to just sit there and talk to him like a friend. It doesn’t have to be formal. You don’t really have t give him your wish list. But you could tell him your hopes and dreams.

1. Ask for Forgiveness

Ask God to forgive you for hurting others and hurting yourself even. Ask God to heal your heart. Ask him to forgive you for not being nice or kind all throughout the day. You may hurt others and acted unkindly. With this ask him for his enlightenment and love.

2. Ask Him to Bless Your Loved Ones

As you sleep at night and close your eyes, ask the Lord to bless those you love. Ask him to keep them safe at night. You can tell God that you love them and you want them to be safe and healthy always.

3. Ask God for Blessings

Do you wish for a better job? A better home? For your family members to be better to you? Or your husband or wife to love you more? Then ask God for that. There is nothing impossible with Him. He can give you anything you need and everything you want. If you need a new job, God can help you with that. If you want your health to be better, God can help.

Just remember that God answers in three ways, yes, no, and maybe. So if He doesn’t give you what you pray for, it just means that he has other plans for you. Or He may be asking you to wait for a bit.