How to Kick a Bad Habit?

Sep - 05 2017 | By

Bad habits are caused by an obsession. Obsessions are caused by wanting something but not getting it. To kick a bad habit, you need to learn to discipline yourself. You need to control your actions in order to become a better person. It may sound easy for some but for others, removing bad habits can really be tricky. It takes guts to kick a bad habit.

Ways to Kick a Bad Habit

People get into bad habits because they feel a form of relief when they do these habits and vices. People bite their nails when they are nervous because they feel a sense of release by doing so. They also feel awkward in certain situations. Thus by doing a certain habit they can release tension and feel better.

Common bad habits are smoking, biting nails, pulling your nose hairs, playing with your hands and the list goes on. Kicking these bad habits away would take will power and your honest intention to change. But once you get to kick that bad habit away, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

1. Find the cause of the bad habit – In order to kick the bad habit, you need to understand what causes the habit. Once you’ve done that you can easily reduce your anxiety and put the bad habit aside.

2. Wise words – Remember a set of wise words i that you can use to use. You can tell yourself “Don’t be nervouse”, “Calm down”, “Take a deep breath”.

3. Meditate and pray – Meditation helps you calm your senses. You can sit quietly and breathe in and out. You can zone out and listen to music. Being close to God allows you to realize that there is more to life than your anxiety and bad habits.

4. Have a good hobby – Hobbies help you kick a bad habit because they can be an outlet for your stress. You can have hobbies like painting, drawing or photography. You can also try to do sports and exercise.

Good Habits vs. Bad Habits

There are good habits and bad habits. Good habits are things that we do that allow us to be better people. They make use study, work and play better. Good habits help us succeed.

Bad habits put us down. They make us look bad around others. They even cause us to have bad relationships.

In the end, we need to choose good habits over bad habits in order to be better people.