Growing Up in a Christian Home and Magic

Oct - 29 2014 | By

blue-259458_1280When I was a little girl I was told that Magic is the work of the devil and that Miracles are the work of God. I got very confused. I felt that God created magic and science to help people. I grew up wanting to discover that.

Many Christian families, especially Baptists would forbid their children from learning about magic. They believed that this is against the teachings of the Bible. Many children and banned from picking up Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Ink Heart. Disney has been dubbed by a demonic work that put subliminal messages into the brain. Sometimes Christians, instead of teaching happiness, equality, fairness and beauty in all things teach children seclusion.

So is Magic Evil?

Magic is not evil. Disney movies are not dirty, lurid or immoral. Removing magic from children’s eyes is like removing angels from their lives. Miracles have always happened in the Bible. Elijah was given water and bread beside a stream when there was drought. His host, the widow woman was able to scrape up flour and pour oil to make bread from almost empty containers everyday till the famine finished. Jesus was able to feed a multitude of 5,000 men from five loaves and two pieces of fish. He was able to resurrect Lazarus from the dead. This things were unbelievably remarkable and many Pharisees condemned them as the work of the devil. But these things were truly the work of God.

God makes all things possible. During Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and they were able to speak in tongues. They can cure the sick and see visions of the future. In this current day and age, miracles still do happen, but sometimes it just known as magic.

little-mermaid-501639_1280Children should be allowed to watch Disney movies. This movies embody feminism, courage, gentleness, equality and love. They show different backgrounds and different cultures.  Cultures that our children should know about. Even if they call God a different name, He is still the same One True God. Just because the other cultures did not grow in Israel to hear about Judaism, Christianity and Jesus, doesn’t mean they are heathens.

How Do We Teach Children Then What is Evil or Not?

We should teach children RESPECT first and foremost. They should learn the value of life; theirs and others’. They should be taught the value of equality and love. That people different from them should not be condemned as long these people don’t do anything to hurt themselves and others. Love is universal. God is Love and that should be the basis of what we teach them.

We should enlighten children about the past. We should let them know that at times Christians also did unacceptable things such as condemning scientists like Galileo. We should let them know that science is the explanation of God’s work. We should teach them that magic and miracles are real and true. Lastly we should teach them not to hate.

Growing up in purist Christian family made me think that all I needed to do was to get my soul saved to have happiness. In the process I almost forgot that I was human too. Being human was God’s gift to me. He has blessed me talents. He has given me an open mind. I wish parents would learn that magic is not evil.