Christianity & Psychics: A Different Way of Exploring Faith

Nov - 29 2013 | By

ChurchConsulting a psychic can be a good way to gain a new outlook on life, the present, past, and future. But what if you consider yourself a Christian? Can you still, in good faith, consult a psychic? Here, we will look at what some Christians have to say, as well as some instances in the Bible where psychics and/or other mediums were consulted within the scripture. Then, you can decide for yourself whether or not visiting a psychic could help you to expand your faith.


What Do Some Christians Say?

Sometimes when I talk about my interest in psychics, other Baptists look surprised or disapproving, and at times I have even had people quote the scripture to me, telling me that what I am doing is wrong.  I find it hard to believe that God would give us psychic gifts and then condemn us for using them.  If it is so wrong why are we able to do it? And what is so bad about being able to receive psychic messages? Its not as if we are claiming to be god or be better than God.

I actually think that the fear comes from older generational thought, where these things were kept behind closed doors, and so psychic powers are seen as something strange and secret, but in this day and age it does not have to be like this.

It is true that some Christians see consulting psychics as being sinful. However, scripture is not always consistent in this issue. It is true that the Old Testament often warns against psychics and mediums. But, at the same time, we see other instances where psychic abilities are shown in the Bible, often demonstrated by those that God and others hold in high esteem as being very faithful. With that in mind, it seems incorrect to say that all psychic abilities (or really any at all) are condemned by the Bible itself. More so, it has to do with people not understanding this God given ability.

Below I have identified some passages from the Bible that talk about psychic and spiritual powers and I will discuss them in more detail.


Dream Interpretation

Daniel, Joseph, Jacob, and others in the Old Testament in the Bible were renowned for their ability to interpret dreams, or sought out dream interpreters. We often see these gifts portrayed as being God given, or as some of these visions coming directly from God. God often says that he will reveal himself in prophecy, visions, and dreams. This could be interpreted as many of the things that psychics experience. There is really no warning in the Bible against interpreting dreams. Often times, this is actually a powerful mode of communication between God and his servants.


Some may be quick to point-out verses in the Old Testament that seem to condemn astrology, even though God himself and his followers often use astrology as a way to find signs of great happenings. The Three Kings (Wise Men) did this in the Bible. God mentions in Genesis that he created the stars not just to mark night from day, but also in order to be for signs. In this way, you could believe that astrology is actually a spiritual tool that God both anticipated, and sees as a good way of seeking spiritual guidance and more.