Astral Projection: Taking Spirituality to a New Level

Mar - 12 2014 | By

astral travelling and psychicsHave you heard about astral projection? Some people might also refer to this experience as an out-of-body experience. Whatever you want to call it, astral projection can be a cool way to strengthen your faith, as well as to experience things that you cannot do or see in your daily life. If you are interested in astral projection, what it can do for you, and more, read on.

Benefits of Astral Projection

What are the benefits of astral projection? When you astral project, you can see things, people, and places that you would never imagine. You can also talk to the other souls of people, including those you thought were long lost. For many people, this is enough to try astral projection in earnest. Many also mention that this experience helps to strengthen their faith by allowing them to better understand their places in the universe, the universe itself, as well as revealing to the believer that they do, indeed, have a soul that is tethered to their physical body.

Like many alternative practises, some Christians worry that they are not allowed by God.  But if anything I think that God has given us the ability to do this, or at least the potential, and so it is by his design and therefore cannot be bad.  You might say that we are honouring God by making the most of our gifts and abilities and by recognising that the soul is key in astral travelling.  My first Astral travel experience came naturally to me when I was quite young, but I have known of many people that have been able to teach themselves the skills by using different techniques. I was also lucky in that when I got a bit older I met a great psychic who coached me. She doesn’t work there anymore but i found her at california psychics.  I’ll mention more later about another place you can check as well

Can I Do This, Too?

Yes! Even though it may seem very difficult the first time, you can astral project yourself. Once you find yourself on the astral plane, you will be able to talk to others, and even guide other souls on to the light to help them find ultimate peace. For some people, it takes years and much practice to master this skill. However, once you find that you can do it, and practice the technique more often, you can actually become quite adept at this skill. For some people, this is a very exciting concept that allows them to visit loved ones who are long gone, and much more.  You can also enter the dream world as well but be careful not to confuse dreamers or this is impinging on their free will. I knew a lady who was able to meet her cat on the astral plane and rescue it from a place where it had gotten trapped.  So you can use astral travelling in many ways, just read more, try it, experiment and experience it!

What If I Can’t Or Don’t Want To?

Some people elect not to use astral projection, even if they can use the technique, which is fine. You can still consult a psychic who has this same ability. Psychics who have this ability can do the same things that you could when they practice astral projection. I have used adept psychic astral travellers before to find out things that I cannot as my ability is not as strong as some people who practice regularly.  I found some interesting psychics who can project at california psychics and you can get a discount with them and find out more by reading this helpful california psychics review. If you want to learn more about the psychics there you can also read about psychic source readers in this review by They can travel to anywhere immediately, with no head for either time or distance. They can communicate with others who have left this plane, and see things that are far away. You may want to even consult a psychic with this ability before you try to develop it yourself, as they can give you tips on how to develop this skill.

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