How to Kick a Bad Habit?

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Bad habits are caused by an obsession. Obsessions are caused by wanting something but not getting it. To kick a bad habit, you need to learn to discipline yourself. You need to control your actions in order to become a better person. It may sound easy for some but for others, removing bad habits can really be tricky. It takes guts to kick a bad habit.

Ways to Kick a Bad Habit

People get into bad habits because they feel a form of relief when they do these habits and vices. People bite their nails when they are nervous because they feel a sense of release by doing so. They also feel awkward in certain situations. Thus by doing a certain habit they can release tension and feel better.

Common bad habits are smoking, biting nails, pulling your nose hairs, playing with your hands and the list goes on. Kicking these bad habits away would take will power and your honest intention to change. But once you get to kick that bad habit away, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

1. Find the cause of the bad habit – In order to kick the bad habit, you need to understand what causes the habit. Once you’ve done that you can easily reduce your anxiety and put the bad habit aside.

2. Wise words – Remember a set of wise words i that you can use to use. You can tell yourself “Don’t be nervouse”, “Calm down”, “Take a deep breath”.

3. Meditate and pray – Meditation helps you calm your senses. You can sit quietly and breathe in and out. You can zone out and listen to music. Being close to God allows you to realize that there is more to life than your anxiety and bad habits.

4. Have a good hobby – Hobbies help you kick a bad habit because they can be an outlet for your stress. You can have hobbies like painting, drawing or photography. You can also try to do sports and exercise.

Good Habits vs. Bad Habits

There are good habits and bad habits. Good habits are things that we do that allow us to be better people. They make use study, work and play better. Good habits help us succeed.

Bad habits put us down. They make us look bad around others. They even cause us to have bad relationships.

In the end, we need to choose good habits over bad habits in order to be better people.

How to Teach Your Children About God?

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How did you learn about God? When you were a child did your mom or dad teach you about Jesus, the Creation and God? Or did you learn about God in school? How did you begin you relationship with God?

Teaching your children about God is one of the greatest missions you’ll ever take on as a Christian. Whether you have children now or planning to have children in the future, you have to know how to teach your children about God and His Love.

Building Blocks of Christianity

I grew up in a Christian house hold. I grew up seeing the Bible in several rooms of our house. We had children’s Bible books and Christian stories. I knew about God from day one. And even as I grew up and tended to wander off the Christian path, the Christian upbringing kept me staying and going back to the call of God.

In order to teach your children about God, you must first build the building blocks of Christianity in their hearts. You need to teach them that God = Love. Because once they learn about the true love of God then they can build from there.

1. Relationship Goals – You need to create a place in your child’s heart where he or she can start a real relationship with God. Don’t make God as some distant deity who gets angry at them when they do something good. Allow them to see God as a friend, a brother and a parent.

2. Teach them how to pray – A child that prays is a child who knows God. Allow your child to lead the prayer. Teach them the real meaning of prayer. Teach them that prayer should be a conversation between them and God.

3. Let them see that Christianity is fun – Sunday school can be a good way for them to interact with other kids and thus they enjoy the time they spend hearing the Word of God. Play Christian music. Let them see that Christianity is not something that restricts them but allows them to be free and happy.

4. Make them see God in others – Children tend to be selfish at times. They want to get things they like. But when they are good Christians, they tend to help others more. You need to show them that the Love of God is for all; rich or poor, young or old.

They need to be able to relate to others as helpful kind individuals. They can do this by learning that by helping others, they are actually serving God.

How Do You Teach Your Children About God?

When your child asks you who is God, how do you answer?

Do you tell him about God’s Love? Do you tell him how He sent His Son?

Does he understand you?

1. Relate the story of God to real life situations – Sometimes, children may not be able to comprehend how great God’s Love is. But if you let them FEEL it, they would understand. If you allow them to see what it really means to be Loved by God. You can use examples such as the things you do for them. And then ask them in turn about things in day to day life that shows God’s Love.

2. Teach them how to read the Bible – Children may not be so keen on reading the small text in the Bible but they would love colorful Children’s Bible and Bible stories. They will love to hear short stories from the Bible such as about Joseph, Moses, how Jesus fed the 5000 people crowd, how he calmed the sea. One very popular story is the story of Noah.

3. Make time for prayer – Even in busy days, you need to spend time with your children to pray. You need to pray in the morning. It does not matter if you have to do it in the car, you have to do it. You need to pray before going to bed. Prayer is the most important lesson you can teach your child in his path of knowing God.

4. Teach your children about tithing – Your children need to learn how to give. God blesses a cheerful giver, so this is a very important lesson.

Teaching your children about God is your duty as a parent and as Christian. You should never make them feel that God oppresses them, but instead you need to teach them how God loves them like a parent loves His own child.

Why God Gives Us Friends

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pinky-swear-329329_640I have have been blessed with a few true and good friends in my life. I have friends who left and moved on with their lives and I have friends who stayed with me for a very long time. I have friends who I know are just superficial but I also have friends who I know are God given.

God gives us friends because although He talks back to us, we can’t really hear His actual voice unless we open our ears through the bible and through church service. God gave us friends so that we know that we can walk through this life and find Him in his other creations.

God Sent Friends

Not all friends are from God, some are just passing by to test us or to teach us. But even though they are not meant to be friends, God sends them to us to learn lessons. Friends from God are those people who make you feel better, make you live better and because of them, you want to be better.

Friends who you need to help – God gives us the chance to be good Christians by allowing us to be with those people who are struggling with problems and troubles. Sometimes instead of just getting benefits from others, God gives us the opportunity to be His blessings to others. He sends us to the world to do His work. Part of this is helping those who are in need. This maybe in financial ways, emotional or spiritual means.

Friends who cheer you up – Sometimes you just need someone to lean on. Sometimes, you just need a friend who will love you despite all the pain you’ve suffered. Sometimes you just need a good laugh with someone who cares about you. For all these times, God sends us friends. These are the angels we have around us who cheer us and make us laugh so hard even though all we really want to do is cry.

Friends who motivate us – There are times that all you want to do is just to give us and stop working and even just veg out in you dirty pajamas. For those times we have friends who scold us and have us get up, take a shower and go to work. These are the friends who have big dreams and they also want you to do the same. These are the friends who you know are not just for drinking at bars with, but those who can mature with you. These are the friends who cheer you on when you get promoted and pat you on the back when you did not make it at work, but tell you “you can do it next time”.

Friends who bail you out in times of trouble – Sometimes we really just get so broke that we eat crackers for days. Sometimes we just need a little help to get back on track. There are many friends who will say no about bailing you out, but a true friend from God will help you when you really are so broke and out of money. I know that this is not always, specially if you put yourself in that situation, but God works on the hearts of the people around you. He will give you the chance to change. He will not abandon you and will send someone to give you a warm meal.

Childhood friends – These are the friends who you have had forever and every. They have been there through it all. They know you inside and out. God sends these precious people who be your ally through rain or shine. If you have a childhood friend, you are very lucky. If you have stayed connected from childhood to adulthood then treasure that friendship.

Why God Gives Us Friends

No man is an island. God made man to help one another. We are tasked to take care of our brothers and even love them as God has loved them. God gives friends to us so that we will never feel alone and so that life can be for colorful for us. God knows what our hearts need, so having friends is a blessing we should treasure.

How Watching ELLEN Made Me a Better Person

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How Watching ELLEN Made Me a Better PersonI don’t really watch TV that much these days. But when I do, I save a spot for Ellen. I’m not a sort of person who is a big fan of talk shows either. I just love Ellen DeGeneres. She inspires he me a lot. I won’t hide, I’m a big fan.

I grew up in a traditional Southern Christian family. We were taught values such as respect, kindness and to follow the Word of God at all cost. Homosexuality was viewed as something sinful. But growing up, I always thought that there was nothing wrong with being gay, lesbian, straight, transgender or whatever kind of sexual preference a person has. I grew up in a family that at times made me feel sad or trapped.

How Ellen Changed My Life?

I can’t exactly remember when I started watching Ellen. But what I could remember is that how one day, I just found myself crying while watching her show. I can’t even remember exactly the reason why. For some reason. This lady who is so funny has made some small and big dreams come true. It hit me, dreams are dreams, whether big or small they are dreams. Dreams do matter.

I have taken into account many things that I have learned from watching Ellen. She is funny, she is real, she makes people happy. And she tries to make the world a whole better place without force or prejudice. And I realized, I want to also make difference. I want to help others.

Ellen is vegan and an animal rights advocate. Recently I have become one as well. I help homeless cats and feed them. She has inspired me a lot that I have also tried to help random strangers. And this has nothing to do with my religion. I mean I know that God has taught us to follow his words and help others. But I wanted to be a genuinely good person not because I’m afraid of going to hell, I wanted to help because it is the humane thing to do.

We Can ALL Be Beacons of Change

I know people around me think that it’s just a dumb show. But it’s not. I took it as an inspiration I took it in and made it a grain of wisdom that propelled my life. And every time I see this show it continues to inspire me. I know that each and everyone of us can make so much difference. Like the way Ellen rewards people who help others.

I want to start a movement. A movement where people still show kindness to others. A movement where people do not judge others. This was one of the reasons I started this site. In my Christian world, many people judge one another. They think that they are so perfect and that others are so sinful. They think other people don’t matter and only God matters. But I say God made each and every being and that they all matter.

I know that even young children can do good things for others. I know that kindness and acceptance can eradicate war. Sometimes I sit at home scared of how the world is now full of war and hate and that I may die because of it. But I come to realize that even if I die, I will live on in the lives of the people, cats, dogs and other beings that I have touched. I realized that others can be kind and softhearted too.

So yes, this may not be much of a story. I wasn’t even sure whether to post it here or not, but I realized that I should. I realized a little inspiration can go a long way. Thanks Ellen DeGeneres, You are a Light Worker!

Why is Giving Tithes Important?

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Why is Giving Tithes Important?What are the duties of a good Christian? It is to follow the Word of God, His commandments and show it in our everyday lives. One of God’s Commandments it to be a good steward of His blessings. However in this day and age that money is so tight and most of us are living on credit is giving tithes still important? Wouldn’t God understand what you are going through? Why should we still give up money when God is already full of riches?

Giving tithes is one of the Christian duties that we should still abide by even in this day and age. We must follow God’s Word to be a cheerful giver. Giving tithes is not just about giving money, it is about a commitment to God and our love for Him.

So why is giving tithes still important?

Our Love for God

When you love someone, you give him or her gifts. You try to show him or her how important of a person he or she is to you. This is the same with God. God wants us to honour Him and love Him by acknowledging our promise to Him. If you remember the woman who only had two coins who gave all of it to the synagogue you will see the reason why tithing is a show of love to God.

To Spread the Word of God

Being Christians, it is our duty to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the world. But this is not possible without money and funding. Preachers and missionaries need to travel in order for them to spread God’s Word. Their families back home also need to eat. Our church needs to grow and by using our tithes, we are able to help in this tasks’

Many people would come to argue that if God’s Word is powerful, we don’t need to spend money to spread it. But we do need to show our love for Him and that we are willing to work to spread the Good News.

Tithes Help the Poor

Our Church needs to assist poor people. Many people who are unable to eat and support themselves need the Church to give them shelter, sustenance and clothing. Our tithes becomes the Hand of God that helps those who are in need. We are able to help those who cannot afford to go to school, have a decent life and those who have no one to cling to. This is our duty to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

It is Our Investment for Heaven

In this current time, we are taught to save for the future. This is the same for heaven. We must put in our tithes for God sees it and uses this money to assist our brothers and sisters. This investment allows us to grow more in our relationship with God. It is like building a house in heaven. We must put in what is precious to us in order for it to grow.

For Us to Learn the Virtue of Sacrifice

Yes giving up something that you may use to buy your own food is difficult. But it frees our mind and allows us to trust God more. It gives us the courage to know that God would never abandon us. To sacrifice a bit of ourselves for God is truly wonderful. God teaches us that in order for us to live a true Christian life we must abandon this world and live for Heaven.

Tithing is still a val

Can Christians Practise Yoga Without Affecting Their Faith?

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Yoga has always been a controversial topic among some strict Christian groups. Many refuse to do Yoga because they think that doing it to indoctrinate someone into being a Hindu and therefore violates their faith in Christ. On the other hand using Yoga as an exercise is unlike the Hindu Yoga. Yes Yoga does rely in poses that allow your soul to be in a meditative state but while posing you always use your intentions to connect with Christ. Christ has said that our body is the temple of God and maintaining it would be following His Word. Yoga can help you release stress which allows you to be a kinder and more loving person, which is ultimately the Word of God. Putting in practices from around the world into our faith is a good way to be a true child of Jesus.

Growing Up in a Christian Home and Magic

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blue-259458_1280When I was a little girl I was told that Magic is the work of the devil and that Miracles are the work of God. I got very confused. I felt that God created magic and science to help people. I grew up wanting to discover that.

Many Christian families, especially Baptists would forbid their children from learning about magic. They believed that this is against the teachings of the Bible. Many children and banned from picking up Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Ink Heart. Disney has been dubbed by a demonic work that put subliminal messages into the brain. Sometimes Christians, instead of teaching happiness, equality, fairness and beauty in all things teach children seclusion.

So is Magic Evil?

Magic is not evil. Disney movies are not dirty, lurid or immoral. Removing magic from children’s eyes is like removing angels from their lives. Miracles have always happened in the Bible. Elijah was given water and bread beside a stream when there was drought. His host, the widow woman was able to scrape up flour and pour oil to make bread from almost empty containers everyday till the famine finished. Jesus was able to feed a multitude of 5,000 men from five loaves and two pieces of fish. He was able to resurrect Lazarus from the dead. This things were unbelievably remarkable and many Pharisees condemned them as the work of the devil. But these things were truly the work of God.

God makes all things possible. During Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and they were able to speak in tongues. They can cure the sick and see visions of the future. In this current day and age, miracles still do happen, but sometimes it just known as magic.

little-mermaid-501639_1280Children should be allowed to watch Disney movies. This movies embody feminism, courage, gentleness, equality and love. They show different backgrounds and different cultures.  Cultures that our children should know about. Even if they call God a different name, He is still the same One True God. Just because the other cultures did not grow in Israel to hear about Judaism, Christianity and Jesus, doesn’t mean they are heathens.

How Do We Teach Children Then What is Evil or Not?

We should teach children RESPECT first and foremost. They should learn the value of life; theirs and others’. They should be taught the value of equality and love. That people different from them should not be condemned as long these people don’t do anything to hurt themselves and others. Love is universal. God is Love and that should be the basis of what we teach them.

We should enlighten children about the past. We should let them know that at times Christians also did unacceptable things such as condemning scientists like Galileo. We should let them know that science is the explanation of God’s work. We should teach them that magic and miracles are real and true. Lastly we should teach them not to hate.

Growing up in purist Christian family made me think that all I needed to do was to get my soul saved to have happiness. In the process I almost forgot that I was human too. Being human was God’s gift to me. He has blessed me talents. He has given me an open mind. I wish parents would learn that magic is not evil.

Astral Projection: Taking Spirituality to a New Level

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astral travelling and psychicsHave you heard about astral projection? Some people might also refer to this experience as an out-of-body experience. Whatever you want to call it, astral projection can be a cool way to strengthen your faith, as well as to experience things that you cannot do or see in your daily life. If you are interested in astral projection, what it can do for you, and more, read on.

Benefits of Astral Projection

What are the benefits of astral projection? When you astral project, you can see things, people, and places that you would never imagine. You can also talk to the other souls of people, including those you thought were long lost. For many people, this is enough to try astral projection in earnest. Many also mention that this experience helps to strengthen their faith by allowing them to better understand their places in the universe, the universe itself, as well as revealing to the believer that they do, indeed, have a soul that is tethered to their physical body.

Like many alternative practises, some Christians worry that they are not allowed by God.  But if anything I think that God has given us the ability to do this, or at least the potential, and so it is by his design and therefore cannot be bad.  You might say that we are honouring God by making the most of our gifts and abilities and by recognising that the soul is key in astral travelling.  My first Astral travel experience came naturally to me when I was quite young, but I have known of many people that have been able to teach themselves the skills by using different techniques. I was also lucky in that when I got a bit older I met a great psychic who coached me. She doesn’t work there anymore but i found her at california psychics.  I’ll mention more later about another place you can check as well

Can I Do This, Too?

Yes! Even though it may seem very difficult the first time, you can astral project yourself. Once you find yourself on the astral plane, you will be able to talk to others, and even guide other souls on to the light to help them find ultimate peace. For some people, it takes years and much practice to master this skill. However, once you find that you can do it, and practice the technique more often, you can actually become quite adept at this skill. For some people, this is a very exciting concept that allows them to visit loved ones who are long gone, and much more.  You can also enter the dream world as well but be careful not to confuse dreamers or this is impinging on their free will. I knew a lady who was able to meet her cat on the astral plane and rescue it from a place where it had gotten trapped.  So you can use astral travelling in many ways, just read more, try it, experiment and experience it!

What If I Can’t Or Don’t Want To?

Some people elect not to use astral projection, even if they can use the technique, which is fine. You can still consult a psychic who has this same ability. Psychics who have this ability can do the same things that you could when they practice astral projection. I have used adept psychic astral travellers before to find out things that I cannot as my ability is not as strong as some people who practice regularly.  I found some interesting psychics who can project at california psychics and you can get a discount with them and find out more by reading this helpful california psychics review. If you want to learn more about the psychics there you can also read about psychic source readers in this review by They can travel to anywhere immediately, with no head for either time or distance. They can communicate with others who have left this plane, and see things that are far away. You may want to even consult a psychic with this ability before you try to develop it yourself, as they can give you tips on how to develop this skill.

Learn more about how to do it here

Christianity & Psychics: A Different Way of Exploring Faith

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ChurchConsulting a psychic can be a good way to gain a new outlook on life, the present, past, and future. But what if you consider yourself a Christian? Can you still, in good faith, consult a psychic? Here, we will look at what some Christians have to say, as well as some instances in the Bible where psychics and/or other mediums were consulted within the scripture. Then, you can decide for yourself whether or not visiting a psychic could help you to expand your faith.


What Do Some Christians Say?

Sometimes when I talk about my interest in psychics, other Baptists look surprised or disapproving, and at times I have even had people quote the scripture to me, telling me that what I am doing is wrong.  I find it hard to believe that God would give us psychic gifts and then condemn us for using them.  If it is so wrong why are we able to do it? And what is so bad about being able to receive psychic messages? Its not as if we are claiming to be god or be better than God.

I actually think that the fear comes from older generational thought, where these things were kept behind closed doors, and so psychic powers are seen as something strange and secret, but in this day and age it does not have to be like this.

It is true that some Christians see consulting psychics as being sinful. However, scripture is not always consistent in this issue. It is true that the Old Testament often warns against psychics and mediums. But, at the same time, we see other instances where psychic abilities are shown in the Bible, often demonstrated by those that God and others hold in high esteem as being very faithful. With that in mind, it seems incorrect to say that all psychic abilities (or really any at all) are condemned by the Bible itself. More so, it has to do with people not understanding this God given ability.

Below I have identified some passages from the Bible that talk about psychic and spiritual powers and I will discuss them in more detail.


Dream Interpretation

Daniel, Joseph, Jacob, and others in the Old Testament in the Bible were renowned for their ability to interpret dreams, or sought out dream interpreters. We often see these gifts portrayed as being God given, or as some of these visions coming directly from God. God often says that he will reveal himself in prophecy, visions, and dreams. This could be interpreted as many of the things that psychics experience. There is really no warning in the Bible against interpreting dreams. Often times, this is actually a powerful mode of communication between God and his servants.


Some may be quick to point-out verses in the Old Testament that seem to condemn astrology, even though God himself and his followers often use astrology as a way to find signs of great happenings. The Three Kings (Wise Men) did this in the Bible. God mentions in Genesis that he created the stars not just to mark night from day, but also in order to be for signs. In this way, you could believe that astrology is actually a spiritual tool that God both anticipated, and sees as a good way of seeking spiritual guidance and more.

Find out about the Baptist religion

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CrossBaptists: The Beliefs and History of the Fifth Largest Christian Denomination

You may have heard about Baptists if you have spent just a little time researching different Christian denominations. Baptists are one of the very large Christian denominations, internationally. Here, we will talk about the beliefs of Baptists, touch on a few of the more important points of their history, as well as where you can learn more about this Christian protestant denomination.

What Do Baptists Believe?

The same thing that all Baptists believe is the tenant of believer’s baptism. Some protestant churches, as well as the Catholic Church, believe in infant baptism. Baptists, however, believe that only those that are saved should be baptized, publically, as a testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ. They also believe that this process should include complete immersion of the believer, not just a sprinkling of water. Some trace this belief back to the tale of John the Baptist in the Bible, who baptized Jesus himself through the process of immersion in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 3.

The Origins of the Baptist Church

Even the origins of the Baptist Church are hotly disputed among Baptist congregations. Some believe Baptists beliefs have always been practiced since the period of Christ’s life. However, largely, most agree that the origins of the Baptist Church can be traced back to England, specifically to the English Separatist groups in the one hundred years (17th century) after the protestant break from the Catholic Church, spearheaded by Martin Luther. John Smyth is often cited as leading the first Baptist congregation in Amsterdam. It is believed that the doctrine of even this first church was influenced by Dutch Mennonites, also known as Anabaptists.

General versus Particular

There were two groups of early Baptists, and both of these thoughts still exist in modern congregations of Baptists. Firstly, there is the group known as General Baptists, who believe that any person who is willing to believe on Jesus Christ, ask him for salvation through prayer, and then be publically baptized, will be saved. Most Baptist churches still believe in this way. Particular Baptists borrowed doctrine from John Calvin, who believed that only those chosen by God could actually be saved (a group known as the elect). This belief among Baptists is not as widespread today, although some sects, like Primitive Baptists (Hard Shell Baptists) still believe like Particular Baptists.

Where Are Baptists Located?

Baptists have churches located on every inhabited continent in the world. The largest organized body of them is located in the US, known as the Southern Baptist Convention. They are the largest Christian church in the US. The largest member numbers in the world are found in Africa in both Nigeria and the Congo, as well as in India, Brazil, and Myanmar. The number of members can differ from congregation to congregation, as well as what the congregation believes qualifies members as actual members of the church.

Autonomy among Baptist Congregations

One of the reason that beliefs are so widespread and different from Baptist congregation to Baptist congregation is because Baptists believe in autonomy for churches. This means that many of them, even if they do report to a larger convention or body, are fiercely independent. Churches are allowed to govern themselves as they see fit, appoint preachers or deacons as they see fit, and mostly believe what they would like to. Some churches reserve the ultimate autonomy by not affiliating themselves at all with a convention, set doctrine, or even a mother church. Instead, they are totally independent in their beliefs and governance.

Disagreements within the Church

Although many enjoy this autonomy within the Baptist Church, it has led to conflicts among believers. Even today, there are particular things that Baptists disagree on. This includes the origins of their church, as well as their belief or unbelief in “The Elect,” as John Calvin put it. Other disagreements within the Church include whether or not to accept homosexual members, whether or not to let women preach, how women should behave in marriage, whether or not to support missionary work, and more. They also disagree about speaking in tongues, which translation of the Bible to read from, and how to interpret scripture.

Where to Learn More

If you would like to learn more about Baptists, feel free to attend services at your local Baptist church. There, you can ask the pastor, deacons, or congregation members more about their beliefs. You may also be able to find more helpful information in books, scholarly journal articles, or specific conventions of Baptists. Anyone from the Baptist Church would be, more than likely, happy to tell you more about their beliefs. You can also find helpful articles, blog posts, and more about the history of Baptists, their beliefs, and how that these differ throughout the Baptist Church.



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